Who Are The Contact Lens Wearers?

When you think of contact lens wearers, where does your mind go? Do you think of people who are vainly trying to conceal their need for eye correction? Do you think of middle class people who can afford the luxury of contacts but not the cost of laser surgery? Or does your mind go back to the tormented kid from your childhood who was bullied on the school playground and taunted with names like Four Eyes while trying to protect their glasses from being ripped off and broken?

Whatever the case, you are probably partially right. Contact lens wearers come from all walks of life. Some of them are vain about their looks, while others choose to wear contacts because they are more comfortable than glasses. Many wear contact lenses because they can’t afford laser surgery correction, while others are simply not good candidates for laser surgery. They feel fortunate to be able to choose between glasses and contacts!

The cost component of owning and caring for contacts has become less of an issue for the sight-challenged as the cost of many brands of lenses are comparable to purchasing a pair of glasses. In fact, for many, contacts may seem like a more affordable option since they can purchase a few disposable contact lenses now and then buy more in the future while glasses must be paid for up front.

It is also likely the horrors of schoolyard bullies play a role in the purchase of contacts. After all, childhood traumas do tend to color the way we view ourselves and others throughout our lives. Wearing glasses may make them feel like victims or geeks, but contacts, well those are freeing! They are the ultimate means of hiding what may be construed as a weakness or personal flaw and actually make them feel more confident.

No matter the reason, contact lens wearers share one thing in common. They want to purchase a product that is easy to care for while providing comfortable, clear vision. To this end, it is important to schedule regular eye exams and to discuss which contacts are the best option for both your budget and your eye care needs.