ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar


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Product Description

Please be advised ZipVit products are only for sale within the U.K. and Ireland. No exceptions can be made. Available in a choice of delicious flavours such as Uncoated Orange, Uncoated Banana, Uncoated Chocolate, Yoghurt Peach Apricot and Chocolate Coated Strawberry. The delicious tasting project ZV8 Energy Bar contains a unique, easily digestible blend of ingredients formulated specifically for the nutritional demands of endurance athletes. The proven carbohydrate formula digests easily, providing rapid energy delivery without stomach upsets. It also includes ZIPVIT SPORT’s synergistic mix of vitamins to help with energy production from carbohydrates and fats and protect against harmful free radicals. ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar is a highly acclaimed, class leading, energy bar that is taking the world of cycling by storm. Specially formulated for endurance athletes, it contains multiple carbohydrate sources to maximize energy delivery. These carbohydrates have also been specially selected for easy digestion during exercise. ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar improves performance by providing the body with easily digested carbohydrate energy during exercise. This is achieved without stomach upsets, so you can easily meet your carbohydrate needs and maximize performance. Taken after exercise they also help recovery by speeding up muscle refueling.

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