Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite Pouch 700g


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Please be advised ZipVit products are only for sale within the U.K. and Ireland. No exceptions can be made. Available in a choice of delicious flavours such as Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon.The ultimate energy drink for improving performance during exercise. Formulated using a scientifically proven carbohydrate blend to speed up energy delivery, improve performance and prevent fatigue, without stomach upsets. This makes it the perfect choice for endurance events such as road racing, long time trials, mountain biking, triathlon and distance running. The ZV1 special electrolyte blend speeds up fluid absorption, helping to prevent dehydration and allowing rapid rehydration after exercise. This comprehensive formula prevents cramping by replacing key minerals lost in sweat. Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite Pouch 700g contains an easily digested source of Carbohydrates and exclusive grade of maltodextrin to prevent stomach upsets and maximize energy delivery. The comprehensive electrolyte blend in ZV1 closely mimics the amounts and concentrations of key electrolytes lost in human sweat and replaces key minerals to prevent cramping. That’s why you won’t just find sodium, but iodine, copper, magnesium and many more … all in their most easily absorbed forms. Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite Pouch 700g when taken before exercise it can be used to ensure good levels of hydration. Taken during exercise ZV1 helps prevent dehydration and maintains energy levels. Contains 20 servings.

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